Each Booking, however made, even through third party sales producers, declares that the person making it has understood and accepts all the terms and conditions included on this website.

This acceptance binds him and the persons accompanying him or on whose behalf he made the reservation.

Please read the terms below before booking. We are at your disposal for any question. Terms and details on matters related to COVID-19 appear at the bottom of this page.


Charges / Rates

You will never be asked for your credit card information by Saronida Hills staff, whether you are a visitor to our website, a prospective guest or our guest.

Our payment methods for any amount are set out exclusively below, in the paragraph headed “Payments”.

No room reservation is made and no reservation is considered final, until its payment has been documented or the deposit specified for the reservation has been paid.

All prices displayed on our Website or otherwise communicated or published by Saronida Hills, will be charged in EUROS. They include VAT and all national and local taxes.

The room prices are per room, per night for 1-4 people, depending on the room capacity. Additional persons, of any age, are charged the same amount, as provided in the Rates, Payments and Cancellations Policy.

A minimum length of stay, deposit, pre-payment (refundable or not), cancellation charges and other conditions may apply, as specified.

Once a certain room, number of persons and overnights, additional products and services as well as method of payment are discussed and agreed, the staff of Saronida Hills will communicate in writing with you in order to summarize all details regarding your reservation, charges and the required full or partial payment. After proof of the required payment is made available, the Booking is officially confirmed by Saronida Hills and becomes a binding agreement for the parties.

Customers who, instead of a receipt, wish to get an INVOICE (intended for official submission to fiscal authorities), are kindly requested to inform the staff of Saronida Hills at the time of Booking, or, the latest, at the time of arrival.


Check-In / Check Out

Our guests are kindly requested to inform us of their expected arrival time at least 36 hours in advance. This information is necessary for the more efficient organization of our services and for the faster process of receiving the guests.

Unconfirmed bookings will be valid until 16:00 on the scheduled day of arrival, at which point Saronida Hills has the right to make the room available for other guests, unless the guest has informed us of a late arrival.

Unless otherwise stated on the Booking Confirmation or required by law, guests may check-in on the scheduled day of arrival from 15:00. Late arrivals (after 18:00) due to unexpected events should be made known to us before 24h on the scheduled day of arrival. 

However, we will gladly arrange your time of check-in to be whenever your time of arrival in Saronida area requires, provided we are notified on time. 

Those rooms that have been reserved with an advance or prepayment or for which there is written correspondence with a travel agency, will remain at the customer's disposal until 23:00 on the day of arrival, unless there is a different agreement.

Guests are kindly requested to vacate their room by 11:00 on the day of departure, unless late check out is included in our agreement. Check-out after 11:00 can be arranged only if the room is available. The associated fee is at the discretion of Saronida Hills.

We are obliged by the Authorities to request at check-in confirmation and recording of the identity or passport details of the guests, as well as the address of their permanent residence. For this purpose, the presentation of the above documents is required.

The information above may be requested for each member of your party and we reserve the right to refuse entry to persons who cannot provide the information set out above. These data will only be given to the Greek Police and Tax Authorities and only if requested in accordance with the Law.

Part of the information and data will be stored on a secure server, protected by a firewall and accessible only with a password. It will be used by Saronida Hills for its own statistical processing only. No data or information will be given to any third party without your approval, except for the mentioned Authorities.

Please read our PRIVACY POLICY.



We accept the following payment methods:

• Debit or Credit card

• Bank deposit: to one of the following bank accounts of our company:



IBAN:   GR8902601860000610200712851


Piraeus Bank

IBAN:  GR0401710120006012163634805





We never ask our guests or potential guests for their credit card details or store such details, if in anyway are known to us.

The full amount due must be paid by your departure from Saronida Hills.


Payment in advance

A deposit is required for your reservation to be valid. 30% of the total value of your accommodation costs must be deposited into a bank account, from the moment of booking up to 2 days after. In case you have chosen a bank account deposit, the deposit should be made within 2 days.


Cancellation Policy & No-Shows

The charge for cancellations may vary depending on the price agreed at the time of booking and the time of year. Please inquire in detail at the time of your own booking.

Please notify us of any changes or cancellations as early as possible to avoid additional charges. Cancellation of your room must be made at least 15 days before your arrival to avoid charges. If you cancel your reservation between the 14th and 2nd day before your arrival you will be charged 50% of the total amount. If you cancel your reservation one day before your arrival you will be charged 100% of the total amount.

A possible charge for cancellation or no-show will only be made when this is required. The amount will be deducted from the advance or prepayment amount. The collection of any excess amount, in case of refusal of payment, will be done after consultation or, if this is impossible, will be achieved by any legal means.


Changes or cancellations by Saronida Hills

If we are forced to cancel a confirmed reservation, this decision will be due to exceptional circumstances, the prediction of which was impossible. In this case you will be informed immediately, you will be refunded all the money paid and/or any charge made to your credit card will be revoked. Apart from this refund Saronida Hills has no other responsibility. We will make every effort to secure for you accommodation similar to ours and offer you every facility.

Your reservation is for a specific suite. In the event that, for security or technical reasons, you are required to stay in a different suite than the one you have selected, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We ensure you that we will refund any difference if the suite we offer, over this situation, is cheaper, and that you will not be charged extra if it is more expensive.


Damages and Losses

We have the right, which you acknowledge by your booking and authorization, to charge and claim our compensation for any damage caused to your room or any area of ​​Saronida Hills due to the fault of the occupants of your room (including special cleaning and deodorizing, dry cleaning and laundry costs) or for any object whose loss is discovered by the staff during your stay or after your departure. The collection of any amount, in case of refusal of payment, will be achieved by any legal means. In case of any damage to the accommodation during your stay, please inform us.


Special Offers, Promotions, Deals on Booking

Offers and promotions are subject to availability and other, more specific terms, conditions and restrictions, which are set out on the Saronida Hills website and elsewhere. We have the right to announce, modify and withdraw any offer, action or related program at any time.

The persons making each reservation must, before or at the latest upon the arrival of the guests, inform the staff of Saronida Hills which of the contents of the special offers, promotions and deals relating to the particular reservation they wish to take place and on which day and time of their stay. Otherwise, it is assumed that the visitors do not want the realization of part or all of the contents and Saronida Hills is not obliged to provide them.


Guests’ Behavior

Respect for our staff and guests, as well as for the reputation, name and property of Saronida Hills, are extremely important to us.

All our guests are asked to take these values into account and behave accordingly at all times.

They are also requested not to disturb or offend in any way the members of the staff and the other guests, not to obstruct the smooth functioning of Saronida Hills and to strictly respect what is stated herein.

We have the right to refuse hospitality and service, and to request the removal of anyone from Saronida Hills, if we reasonably believe that this term has been breached.

In the same case, we have the right to pursue in any legal way the protection of our reputation, customers and property as well as our compensation for any positive and consequential damage, while we have no obligation to return money for hospitality or services that we refused to provide, nor to pay any compensation.

Glassware and decorative items from the room are not allowed to be taken by the guests to the shared pool.


Common Quiet Hours

During the summer period the common quiet hours as defined by law are from 15:00 to 17:30 and from 23:00 to 07:00. During the winter season it is from 15:30 to 17:30 and from 22:00 to 07:30. Our guests are requested to comply with the regulations and to respect others.


Bedding - Cleaning

The cleaning of the rooms as well as the change of sheets and towels is done every 3 days. In case you do not wish to change or in case you need a change urgently, please inform our staff.


Swimming pool and Jacuzzi minipool

Saronida Hills does not bear any responsibility for any accidents of the guests from the use of the swimming pool or minipool Jacuzzi. The use of the swimming pool or minipool Jacuzzi is entirely the responsibility of the guests, who must take care of their personal safety. The use of the pool or Jacuzzi minipool by minors is strictly permitted only with the accompaniment and supervision of their parents, and is not Saronida Hills' responsibility.



Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors. In case of violation, the charge to the violator is €200 in order to ventilate and disinfect the room.



Saronida Hills is not designed to accommodate infants or children under 16 years of age. It does not have suitable spaces and does not meet the necessary conditions that would ensure the safety of the children and the peace of the other guests.

Therefore it is impossible to accommodate children under 16 years of age. Exceptions are reservations for the entire hotel and cases in which, exceptionally and for social reasons, the particular circumstances and needs of a child must be taken into account.

In these exceptional cases, the person making the reservation has full responsibility for all matters concerning the safety and behavior of the children, as well as the peace desired by the rest of our guests.

Please also note that there are no reduced rates on Saronida Hills services for minor guests.



Pets will not be accepted at the Saronida Hills property unfortunately.


Personal Data, Security Cameras, Incoming Calls

The Hotel acts in full compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Cameras have been installed and operate only in the common areas and facades of Saronida Hills. Recorded images are used solely for quality and security purposes, are retained for 12 days, after which they are permanently destroyed, unless it is deemed necessary to retain a specific recording for a longer period of time and for specific reasons.


Correspondence (electronic and otherwise), Host Reviews, Comments and Opinions



Force majeure

Saronida Hills is not responsible and will not pay compensation in cases where the fulfillment of its obligations is precluded or affected directly or indirectly by reasons of force majeure or other circumstances beyond its sphere of control.


Limitation of Liability

Saronida Hills is not responsible for loss or damage to valuables and valuables or loss of money found on its premises.

Saronida Hills shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages of any kind, whether caused by the negligence of its employees or otherwise. The total compensation payable by Saronida Hills will not exceed the total amount charged for the customer's reservation.


In case you lose any items, valuables or property during your stay in Saronidahills, you should immediately inform the front desk of the Hotel. For our Guests convenience we keep all lost items, valuables or property found for a period of one (1) month, after the date our personnel found them. In case we find any items and valuables, we have no obligation to contact our Guests, in order to inform them accordingly. If we are not notified by our Guests that they have lost specific items, valuables or property within one (1) month from their departure (check out date), Saronidahills  will not have any obligation to return them, since it is our policy to dispose any such lost items, valuables and property that are found in Saronidahills after one (1) month. In case of any return of lost items, valuables and property to you, the postage or courier costs will be borne by you.  


The Saronidahills is not responsible for any stolen valuables, items or other property of our Guests. It is your obligation to protect your property and keep your valuables safe. We encourage our Guests to lock their rooms at all times that they are not present. In order to facilitate you, we, also, provide a safe deposit box in every room of our Saronidahills which you can use at your own responsibility. Our Guests shall immediately inform the front desk of the Saronidahills, in case of stolen goods, property or valuables, so as to notify the police as early as possible.


Applicable Law and Competent Courts

The relations between the staff of Saronida Hills, users of its website, visitors and guests as well as the obligations and rights related to them are regulated by Greek Law.

The courts of Athens have exclusive jurisdiction to judge and adjudicate any relevant case. The parties irrevocably and unconditionally accept this authority and waive any related opposition.



We are fully harmonized with all the requirements of the Greek Government and the I.R.S.

However, we can only promise that our visitors and guests are safe during the hours they are within the confines of our premises.

Our visitors and guests know and accept the fact that they travel at their own risk. The use of means of transport such as planes, ships, taxis and coaches, as well as their presence in places such as airports, ports, restaurants, other hotels, museums, etc. are part of their journey before, during and after their stay with us.

They promise that during their stay at Saronida Hills their behavior will be absolutely in accordance with what the Greek government and W.H.O. to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

This responsible behavior includes their self-isolation and informing our staff as soon as they suspect that anyone from their family or company is showing suspicious symptoms.


Company info


Tel: +306936879531
WhatsApp: +306936879531
Viber:  +306936879531


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